Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Definitely, Maybe

Movie: Definitely, Maybe
Like/Don't Like: Definitely, Maybe Don't Like

Boy, does this movie have some pretty people in it. And songs from the 90s. And Rachel Weisz (who, incidently, is up on my fridge because she happens to be in a print ad with a very fetching Ioan Gruffudd) wears the most adorable dresses in it. And for a romantic comedy, it was made of brown sugar and honey as opposed to high fructose corn syrup. Meaning that it had a lot more depth than most in its genre. People break up and some end up in the hospital and Bill Clinton gets elected. You know, serious.

But about half-way through I realized that I had been watching this movie for about 18 hours. Nine of which I had to go to the bathroom. And we still had 18 more hours to go. What I'm saying is that it seemed really long. Longer than Gone With the Wind kind of long. It was only two hours, but what with all the is it going to be her, or her, or her, or back to her, but maybe it's her, although the other one was nice but she's prettier and laughs at the good jokes but I think finally it's going to be her, but maybe not - well, you get it. Long.
It's one of those movies that if I were home sick and it happened to be on ABC Family I would probably watch it, but only during commercial breaks from Little House on the Prairie.


Amanda said...

oh no!! I was really hoping that this was going to be great! Sadness! Maybe in the frozen north it won't seem so bad. :(

Amanda said...

p.s. have you commented yet on Becoming Jane? I just saw it and John watched it with me. Half way through he said 'I really am enjoying this.' I jumped right on that and told him that I have a few more for him.
Loved it!

Rac said...

Maybe I'll wait for this one to come from netflix. By the way, after seeing Becoming Jane and Starter for 10, James McAvoy is my new boyfriend. (Don't tell Tim.)

Amy said...

Glad to hear that there is another "Little House on the Prairie" fan out there. :-) After I had Kamryn, I watched it every day, every episode, through every season until it ended, the finale or whatever. It was a journey I shall never forget. I forgot just how much I love Michael Landon.

Laura said...

I liked this movie! Oh well, it takes all kinds of movie fans to make the world go 'round!

Speaking of Little House, I just found out on the Oscars last night that the actor who played Reverened Alden died last year. Sad.