Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tango Baires Cafe

Restaurant:  Tango Baires Cafe
Where:  Upland, CA
Like/Don't Like:  YUM

My friends and I have started up a restaurant club to try out some of the little places around town.  Tango Baires Cafe was our first stop tonight and it was a hit.  We each ordered different meals so we could sample a variety of entrees.  Wise choice.  Everything was delicious.  It's Argentinean food so there was a lot of beef, but also pasta, sandwiches, empanadas and pizza.  I think their sauces are what really put them over the top.  Especially their pesto.  Everything was fresh and yummy.  The menu is VAST, which is a slight negative for me because I am easily overwhelmed by too many choices, but I do love that I can try something different the next 50 times I go.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jane Eyre

Movie:  Jane Eyre
Like/Don't Like:  A solid adaptation

It's hard to be objective with a story that I know so well as Jane Eyre.  I have read the book countless times and have seen every film adaptation.  I am always hesitant when a new one comes out because I wonder what more it could possible add to what has already been said.  But I'm pleased to say that this one held its own.  And if all it added was more fuel to my already enormous desire to run reckless across the Yorkshire moors then job well done.

It was beautifully gothic and moody.  Most scenes were shot nice and tight so it added to that trapped and mysterious feeling you should get with this story.  It was quite faithful to the book. Obviously, considering the time, several elements had to be edited or cut out completely but what was left held true to the heart of the story.  And any liberties that were taken added rather than distracted.

Sitting across the aisle from us was a group of girls who must have come into it without any prior knowledge of the story.  This seems shocking to me.  But it ended up being adorable because they gasped at every revelation.  One of them even shouted out "NO WAY!" when the big mystery was revealed.  (Now that I know that there are actually people out there who don't know what happens, I wouldn't dream of telling you.)  It reminded me of the first time I read the book oh, 20 or so years ago, and had no idea of what was coming and just being completely enthralled with the whole thing.  There is a reason why they keep making new movies of it.  It's just that awesome.