Tuesday, June 24, 2008

August Rush

Movie: August Rush
Like/Don't Like: It was a little much

I once went to the tea room at the Huntington Library with some friends. They have this sensational buffet with all sorts of yummy tea snacks like wee little sandwiches and tarts and scones and fruit. And they have this cheese tray. Oh the cheese! We probably spent a good two hours in that tea room eating our weight in cheese.

I thought, at that moment, that I would never in my life ingest as much cheese as I did then. I was wrong. There was so much cheese in August Rush that I prayed I would suddenly become lactose intolerant so I would have a medical reason to stop watching it.


Hannah said...

And now is the moment where I reveal...my screen writing teacher at UCLA wrote that movie! I'm practically famous. I haven't actually seen it though so I can't comment on the cheesyness therein. But, um, I've read the synopsis. Also I would desperately like some cheese now.

Amanda said...

I completely agree with you Rachel. We could have had a nice eye rolling fest with this one. I just couldn't wait for it to end. And when it did, I wanted that little kid to wipe that dumb smile off his face. They could have picked a kid with a less annoying smile.