Friday, October 31, 2008

Jouni's Cafe

Restaurant: Jouni's Cafe
Location: 932 N. Central Ave., Upland, CA 91786
Like/Don't Like: Yummy! Like.

People of Upland and Surrounding Areas: Go to Jouni's Cafe!

You know where this is. You've passed by it a few times, I'm sure. It's in that shopping center near the corner of Central and Foothill, the one with the Bra Lady and the British Emporium and the Moose lodge. Yes, I know, it's totally the GREATEST shopping center ever. I've lived practically around the corner from it for years now and I've always wanted to go because it seems like the type of place that I love to eat at. I pictured good food for cheap, homey decor, regulars who are mostly 80 and all know each other, and feisty waitresses.

And that's exactly what it is. Since we all had the day off for Camille's Triumphal Return, Katie, Lindsay and I tried it out and were thrilled with it. I always believe that the true test of a breakfast joint is their omelet because there are a million different ways to ruin it. Anyone can do pancakes or French toast but an omelet takes skill and the omelet I got was perfectly done. I also tried Lindsay's biscuits and gravy and they were really tasty. The portions are enormous -- I got the kids size and it was still too much -- but the prices are great. And there were cops there who you could tell were regulars, so you know that it's good.

As we were walking out our feisty waitress said, "Please come again and tell everyone about us. Seriously, tell everyone." Which made me think that business isn't so great. This makes sense considering their location. Even though it is in the greatest shopping center ever it still is in a lousy spot, tucked away in the back on an intersection that looks a little sketchy. So go support your a small local business and have breakfast or lunch there with your family. But be careful, I'm not kidding about the feisty waitress.

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