Monday, January 5, 2009

Mamma Mia!

Movie: Mamma Mia!
Like/Don't Like: Abba and Colin Firth. What's not to like?

I love Abba. Their songs make me wish that I had a polyester jumpsuit studded in rhinestones that I could dance around in. A million imaginary points to the first person who knows which Abba song is my ringtone?

This movie has LOADS of Abba songs. I know that you're say, "Duh, Rachel. It's Mamma Mia." But I was truly surprised that about 90% of the movie was filled with songs. And on the DVD it has a sing-along feature and if there's anything I love more than Abba, it's a sing-along. The singing was alright. The acting was over the top. The location was Greece so it was pretty to look at. But none of that really matters because there was Colin Firth and Abba. It could have been Colin Firth singing Abba in a trash can and I would have been happy.


Rach said...

Is it dancing queen? I haven't seen this movie yet. There is some debate over whether it is approp for our monthly girls' movie night. There's the threat of using clearplay, which i find disruptive and a bit annoying.

Laura said...

I'm guessing Fernando is your ring tone. I saw the play in Vegas in June and it was fantastic...a tiny bit on the raunchy side, not sure if the movie is that way too. It's on my Netflix queue!