Friday, March 27, 2009


Movie: Wall-E
Like/Don't Like: It has magical memory-erasing powers.

Picture it: Dawn. I found myself lying on the bathroom floor praying for death. It wasn't even my bathroom floor. My family was staying in a condo in Utah for a family reunion. So, there I was, lying on an unfamiliar bathroom floor, contemplating whether or not I could muster the strength to crawl up the stairs and wish my beloved parents farewell. I opted instead to throw up. At that point I had been throwing up for 6 hours. I threw up more times that night than I had in my entire life combined. This is not an exaggeration. I am not much for throwing up. The fact that I was even lying on the bathroom floor should be a good indication to you of the fevered and feeble state I was in. What I'm trying to tell you was that this was a Very Bad Night. Quite possibly the worst night of my life. Even writing about it makes me want to cry a little. And would you like to know the soundtrack to that night? "Hello, Dolly!"

I had turned the TV on with the hopes that it would distract me from the possibility of throwing up my pancreas and "Hello, Dolly!" happened to be on and who doesn't love to see Barbra Streisand in a bustle? But now anytime I hear songs from "Hello, Dolly!" I start to get a little queasy and I can almost feel the cold linoleum of the bathroom floor on my cheek.

I'm telling you all of this to give you a good idea of the incredible power of the movie Wall-E. Because Wall-E, the little robot left on earth to pick up our trash, has a video of "Hello, Dolly!" that he plays occasionally throughout the movie and when it first happened I had a bit of a flashback to that night and thought, "Great, now this movie is ruined forever for me." But the movie just kept getting cuter and cuter and suddenly I found myself hoping that he would play the song again and then I found myself misting up over it and by the end I was wanting to put "Hello, Dolly!" on my Netflix queue. Wall-E cured me of my Streisand induced flashbacks to the Night I Prayed for Death on the Bathroom Floor!

It was a little slow in the beginning and I'm kind of tired of the whole Go Green thing, which this movie is thick with, but who cares. Cutey, cute, cute.


Rach said...

I'm sorry about that horrible night. I had one of those nights, and it was right after I'd made and eaten some of my favorites foods, which were ruined for me for a year. After that I got over it. I enjoyed Wall-E far more than I expected. We saw it in the theater with Jacob (his first theater movie), which made it even more fun, because we kept watching his reaction to everything. Plus he called me Eva until last week. I'm glad it made Hello Dolly better for you again. I love Pixar.

Teresa p said...

That's a good memory to be erased. I'm still having flashbacks of being sick a couple of weeks ago, although it wasn't nearly as bad as yours sound so they should fade pretty quickly. I totally understand the bathroom floor thing. Whenever I'm done throwing up I lay down on the bathroom floor and cry until I can muster the strength to go climb back in bed. Oh gosh, I need to stop remembering all this now!