Monday, April 20, 2009

17 Again/High School Musical 3

Movies: 17 Again & High School Musical 3
Like/Don't Like: I didn't want to slit my wrists but an orange jumpsuit is still an orange jumpsuit.

You know how sometimes you're out shopping with your friends and you try something on, let's say an orange jumpsuit, that in your heart you know is a bad idea but your friends are all, "That's so CUTE! You should totally get that! You look so thin in it! I think I saw Tyra Banks wearing it the other day!" And suddenly you go from thinking you look like an Oompa-Loompa in it to thinking you're America's Next Top Short Model so you buy it but when you get home and are going through all your purchases (because you know that when you go out shopping with friends you buy WAY more than you normally would on your own) you wonder how your friends managed to slip you a mickey because that would be the only logical reason for an orange jumpsuit to end up in your shopping bag.

This totally happened this weekend, only the orange jumpsuit was Zac Efron.

And Camille is the one who slipped me a mickey. Because she's the common thread throughout this. She invited me to see 17 Again with her and Allie and Sarah on Friday night and then she and Katie rented High School Musical 3 on Saturday and called me up to come down and watch it with them. What are you trying to do to me Camille?! (I shouldn't really blame Camille. I am certainly not above watching cheesy teen flicks. I'm a very immature 80 year old.)

I'm putting these two movies together because they're essentially the same thing. They both have a lot of Zac Efron casually tossing his shaggy bangs out of his eyes.

17 Again is your typical changing-bodies movie that would have been a real dud if not for this guy. He made the movie. In movies like this the hero's' best friend is always suppose to be hilarious but he was over the top. If you were going to see a movie based strictly on one character this should be it. But be warned, he's the best part of it. The rest is pretty weak.

High School Musical 3 can be summed up in a few words: lots of singing. Knights of Columbus! There were like 183 songs in this movie. I know you're thinking, "Duh, Rachel. It's a musical." But in most musicals you have a breather in between songs. There were no breathers here. It went from one song about school and the end of their youth to another song about the future and the end of their youth to another song about prom and the end of their youth. I saw the first movie a long time ago and I didn't see the second so I have no idea if they had the marathon singing in them too. I just wasn't prepared. And they all sounded the same. Either upbeat big production numbers or swoony teenage love ballads. But there was one song that made me think of Bret's Angry Dance, and that's always a bonus.


camille said...

I, as your loving sister, simply invited you to attend the tweenage are the one that accepted. Ere go (sp? but I had to use it) you are the one to blame. And you are welcome!

Rach said...

Oh man, that was a great post. I love following your links. Bret's Angry Dance made me want to watch Footloose, Strictly Ballroom, and West Side Story all at once. I was curious about 17 again (it will be a netflix one, apparently). It's good to get in touch with your teeny bopper side sometimes, Rachel. Every old lady needs it sometimes. And HSM 1 and 2 both had a million songs that were all exactly the same, too. It's Disney, after all.

The Katzbox said...

The angry dance is hysterical!!! And my computer kept buffering it, which just made him look angrier and more, well, spasmodic. I love the Conchords.

This is a great post...and I'd heard the same thing about was definitely his break-out role...I was also invited to the 17 movie, except by my husband as opposed to being invited by my sister...and I have no idea what to make of guess is that when we leave, he will be (publicly) quite nonplussed and unimpressed, but privately???...there will be several private jokes that will take months to break him of....

WiseFlickGuy said...

Great post! I heard that the comedy is kind of like Friends. Is this true?

Rach said...

I know you posted this ages ago, but I just barely finished watching HSM3, and then watched Bret's angry dance again, and it is even funnier. The Troy/raining basketballs/angry basketball moves dance, right? So awesome. And, coincidentally, 17 Again just came from Netflix and I'll be watching it either tonight or tomorrow. So it was good to reread this post.

Anonymous said...

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