Monday, February 8, 2010

It Might Get Loud

Documentary: It Might Get Loud

Like/Don’t Like: It was pretty loud

What is there to say about this documentary except that it’s Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge getting together to talk about electric guitars and jam. Kind of awesome. Especially because all three are such different guitarists. They talk about their first guitars, how they got to their signature sounds, how their bands were formed. It’s pretty cool hearing the perspective of the guitarists in iconic bands. It’s usually the vocalist who does all the talking (Just try to ignore Bono. You can’t. He won’t let you.) but it’s the guitarist you hear first. You can always tell a U2 or Led Zepplin song from the first few notes on the guitar. Which brings me to Jack White. There’s no denying the guy is talented but I like him so much more in this film because he was talking more than he was singing. His voice doesn’t just drive me to the loony bin, it checks me in and laces up the straight jacket

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