Monday, June 21, 2010

How the Earth Changed History

Show:  How the Earth Changed History
Channel:  National Geographic
Time:  What, Like I'm your TV Guide?  Look it up.
Like/Don't Like:  I'm putting in my pocket protector and pushing up my glasses.  It brings out the geek in me big time.

You may not know this about me but I'm a huge geek when it comes to geology.  Nothing sucks me in faster than a good show on how lakes or mountains or islands are formed.  I can spend hours reading about plate tectonics and erosion and rock formations.  You may have to give me a wedgie and shove me in a locker to shut me up about it but I make no apologies. 

This is a week long miniseries about how the geologic changes on the planet have affected the course of human history.  How China has become so fertile and rich and how, conversely, Australia has suffered from decades of drought because of the exact same winds.  How people continually live on major fault lines (Hi!) because they're rich in natural resources.  It's hosted by a Scottish geologist, so his accent is entertaining - especially when he gets excited about rock formations.  And it focuses on one specific geological condition - say wind or fire - and shows how they have created not just the earth but also the societies that live on it.  It's fascinating. 

It's showing this week but I'm sure there will be reruns of it.  And the next time I see you I promise not to rumble on too much about volcanoes.

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