Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tango Baires Cafe

Restaurant:  Tango Baires Cafe
Where:  Upland, CA
Like/Don't Like:  YUM

My friends and I have started up a restaurant club to try out some of the little places around town.  Tango Baires Cafe was our first stop tonight and it was a hit.  We each ordered different meals so we could sample a variety of entrees.  Wise choice.  Everything was delicious.  It's Argentinean food so there was a lot of beef, but also pasta, sandwiches, empanadas and pizza.  I think their sauces are what really put them over the top.  Especially their pesto.  Everything was fresh and yummy.  The menu is VAST, which is a slight negative for me because I am easily overwhelmed by too many choices, but I do love that I can try something different the next 50 times I go.


Smithtalior said...
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Valerie said...

I don't like a big menu, either. It generally makes me suspicious. I mean, how can they cook 200 different things well? I mean, I can only cook about 3 things well.

Amanda said...

A restuarant club? That sounds like a great idea! I need to start one of those here.

Rach said...

I did a restaurant club with some friends the summer after high school. It was fantastic. I tried places I'd been past for years that were delightful!

Brooke said...

I used to work right next door to them, and the people who work there are always so nice, too!