Saturday, May 28, 2011


Movie:  Inception
Like/Don't Like:  Like!

This movie is the capitol of Crazytown.  I finally got around to watching it and by finally I don't just mean that it's been out forever but that it has been sitting in the Netflix envelope on top of the DVD player for about 2 months now.  Why?  Because everyone told me that I needed to pay close attention because it's a little hard to follow and I just haven't had patience for those types of movies lately so I kept putting it off until last night when I had the time and attention span it needed.

I don't usually go in for action movies.  I don't like guns and punching and stuff like that - so my senses were a little jarred by the end of it.  And my mind was spinning because, Knights of Columbus, that was confusing.  All those layers of dreaming were tough to keep track of.  And I got a little tired of all the dialogue sounding like a dream technician's textbook.  But on the whole it was a really cool movie.  The premise was cool, the music was cool, the stunts were cool (and I never notice stunts).  I thought it was so fascinating and I was on the edge of my seat through most of it.  I wish I had watched it with someone so at the end of it all I could have turned to them and said, "What the...?" and then had an in depth convo about the whole thing. 

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Rach said...

I like the part in the hotel when they're running around the walls and ceiling. Also the slow motion parts. I'm glad you saw it.