Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Below Zero

Restaurant:  Below Zero
Place:  583 E. Foothill Blvd, Upland, CA
Like/Don't Like:  Do penguins like snow?

Long ago, when Katie, Liz, Heather & I were pursuing our dreams of becoming nun chuck masters we would pass by this place when it was just a dream of its own.  There was a sign on top that said, "Shaved Ice" and one below it that said, "Coming Soon!"  We would pass by every Monday night and wish that it were open because, well, that dojo was a hot and smelly place, and we could have used a little icy refreshment.

Well, two years later, it's finally open, and I've been a few times now and I'm hooked.  My love of slushy beverages is well documented, so it's a given that I would love this place.  Shaved ice is a fave.  But here's the awesome twist:  you can get your shaved ice on top of ice cream.  Magic!!!  They have a list of combo suggestions or you can make your own.  And they don't skimp.  And on Tuesdays you get a dollar off.  I predict my punch card will be full by the end of the month.


Tammy said...

what flavor has been a favorite with you so far?
I tried the snickers flavor, and it was pretty good, tasted mostly like a chocolate rootbeer float.

Rachel said...

I had chocolate raspberry last week and LOVED it. Katie loves the rootbeer float. She tried the big stick and wasn't a huge fan. I think I'm going to try the dreamsicle next. I'm afraid I'm addicted to this place.