Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Larry Crowne

Movie:  Larry Crown
Like/Don't Like:  Pass

Due to some miscommunication we were under the impression that this movie was 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Which, in my book, is 45 minutes too long for any movie, an hour too long for a a romantic comedy, and an hour and a half too long for a romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts.  There is only so much I can handle of her toothy grin.  (Does anyone else get the feeling she hates you?)  So around 1:30 I was feeling like it should be ending and was practically in the depths of despair when I realized we were only halfway through.  You can imagine my elation when it actually came in at under two hours.  We weren't clapping because it was any good.  We were clapping because it was over. 

It's not really bad, there just isn't anything there.  It's basically a pretty long set up about this guy Larry Crown losing his job and going back to school and...that's it.  He takes a public speaking class and an economics class (with George Takei as his teacher, hereafter known as The Guy Who Saved the Movie.) and falls in with a scooter gang (?) made up of young college kids who hang out at yard sales (Double ?).  There is no real conflict, no real plot, and nothing really to keep your interested.  There were, however, several instances of Tom Hanks wearing one of those ridiculous pocket chains.  I hope the whole point of that was to feel embarrassed for the poor guy, because I did.


Valerie said...

Yes, that's exactly it. I DO feel like Julia Roberts hates me. I've been trying to put my finger on it for years. I also think Susan Sarandon thinks I'm an idiot, so you can imagine how many times "Stepmom" appears in my Netflix queue.

Rach said...

You really nailed it on the head, Rachel. Plus I just find Julia Roberts' laugh extremely annoying. Maybe because it gives you the feeling that she's about to swallow you whole with her enormous pie hole. And I don't know you, Valerie, but you also completely nailed Susan Sarandon on the head. This is all very good info to have, so that I can save my money for Harry Potter, which, no matter how things go, will at least be spectacular visually.