Thursday, May 16, 2013

The River Between Us

Book:  The River Between Us
Author:  Richard Peck
Like/Don't Like:  I hugged it at the end so you know I loved it.

This is exactly the type of book that I love the most.  A great story, beautifully told, simple and thoughtful, not too long, and it very much carries you away.

It's about Tilly, a girl from southern Illinois, who meets two mysterious women from New Orleans just as her brother is about to leave for the Civil War. Ugh, war books, am I right?  But no, give this a chance.  Because it's so lovely.

Anyone who has read Richard Peck (A Year Down Yonder, A Long Way to Chicago) will know what a powerful writer he is without being show-offy.  He's not grand in anyway, but his words and phrases and pacing have such a way of putting your right there.  There were many times while reading that I forgot that it wasn't real. This book is meant for people who love to read.


Valerie said...

I ordered this on Amazon based on seeing its title here. I didn't even read the review, because I don't want to spoil it. But, I love Richard Peck, and you've read a few books in your day, so . . .

*I did want to read it (i'm stockpiling books to read after i finish my thesis), but I also needed to get to $25 for free shipping. i had ordered The Ladies Guide In Health and Disease. I expect it to be a riot.

Erin said...

So, I read this review and went ahead and downloaded the book...or at least what I thought was the book. Instead, it was something with River in the title by Jacquelyn Cook. Amazingly, it's also a book about a woman right before the Civil War starts...who loves a river boat captain. It's just a cheesy enough love story (with a lot of Baptist theology) that I loved a totally teenager type of way. I thought, "Man, that Rachel really knows her stuff!" Yeah. Wow. I didn't even read the right book!

Far Keys said...

Great blog.