Thursday, May 15, 2008

27 Dresses

Movie: 27 Dresses
Like/Don't Like: Don't like

I watched this over a week ago and I kept forgetting to write about it. Which is not surprising because it is an entirely forgettable movie. It's your basic romantic comedy, but not a very convincing one. It had everything it was suppose to: a slightly neurotic girl, her testy over-sexed best friend, the guy she loves who doesn't love her, the guy she meets and instantly doesn't like for no reason at all but will find out that he has a heart of gold, the widowed father, the needy sister, and the obligatory cutesy montage with a fun soundtrack. It wasn't that I had seen it before, it was that I have seen it done better. This is saying something since my expectations for romantic comedies is already pretty low. When the needy sister asked if the testy best friend, who she didn't even know, would be in the wedding because she would look good in the dress, you know that the writers couldn't figure out another way to get her into those scenes for comic relief and had basically give up before the title paged was typed.


Anonymous said...

Well put. It's a shame, really, because it's the first movie I've ever seen where James Marsden gets the girl. And if she's going to be in love with her boss, couldn't he have been a little hotter? It would have made her aversion to James Marsden a little more believable.

Rac said...

That last comment was by me, Rac, who hit a mystery button that made it anonymous. Oops.

Amanda said...

This movie was so sad for me. I watched it with a bunch of girlfriends and the whole time I was either rolling my eyes, or making comments. Sorry friends. To me it was so sad that I didn't actually care if she ended up with either guy. I was just annoyed. You could tell that it could have been a cute movie, if only...hmmm...I don't know, lots of things.
Sadly disappointed as well.

Emily said...

I just saw this one last night. Fortunately I was not too disappointed because, as you said, my expectations for romantic comedy these days are already very low. Still, there were some things about the story that were just way too dumb. Why did the writers give up so easily? Like the sister asking Pedro to be a cleaning boy for her and setting him up in business? What's wrong with that? I don't get it. dumb.