Monday, May 19, 2008


Movie:  Cranford (On Masterpiece, you can Netflix it)
Like/Don't Like:  Loved

You all know I will pretty much watch anything on Masterpiece Theater (side note:  did you know it's just called Masterpiece now?  That, my friends, is an outrage!)  And I will also watch pretty much anything with Judi Dench (side note #2:  I have never seen a James Bond movie.  Not ever.  I tried watching the last one and was mesmerized by Daniel Craig's rugged good looks but only for about 10 minutes then I was through with the movie and turned it off.)  So Cranford was a sure bet for me.  It's set in England near the time of the industrial revolution in a small village called Cranford, that is populated primarily by single older women - either widows or spinsters, mostly all meddlers.  A young doctor comes into town and stirs things upa bit and because it's an adaptation of an Elizabeth Gaskell novel, loads of people die.  But don't let the death stop you from watching this.  Or the fact that it is a 5 hour mini-series.  It is a very sweet, funny, charming and touching movie.  


Rac said...

Ooh, I loved it too! I stayed up Sunday night and watched all 5 hours so I didn't have to wait between segments. You know how I feel about North and South (swoon), but I must say it was a nice surprise to have so much humor intermixed with all the tragedy that Elizabeth Gaskell loves so much. There aren't many laughs in North and South.

Laura said...

I think I'll pass! How are we friends?