Monday, November 17, 2008


Movie: Leatherheads
Like/Don't Like: Lame

I should say, to be fair, that it was not Renee Zellweger that ruined this movie for me. It had a lot of flaws that got in the way of me liking it. But she certainly didn't help it any.

I love George Clooney. And I love Jim from the Office. And I love movies about sports. And movies set in the 1930s. And movies with spunky girl reporters. See, I should have liked this movie, even with Renee's squishy drunken face in it. But the story was weak. An old timer football player who's trying to save the game so he hires on a young star who's too good to be true. That's all there was too it. But it was more than just a thin story. It was really lacking something. You know what it was? Rat-a-tat-tat. It was missing that fast talking rhythm that should be found in sports movies with spunky girl reporters set in the 1930s.

Maybe it's because I've seen it done better. If you're looking for a great girl reporter look at Jennifer Jason Leigh in the Hudsucker Proxy. George Clooney was better as the fast talking slickster in O Brother Where Art Thou. Jim is better in the Office. And Renee Zellwegger is better under a rock.


jessi said...

when are you going to go apply for a job to do this for money? Renee would be better under a rock? You're killing me!

Rach said...

I felt exactly the same way about this movie. I didn't do very well at managing my expectations for this movie, so it was a real let-down. And I think it's because I love the Hudsucker Proxy so much, too. Leatherheads just kind of fell flat. And amen to Renee Zelweger being better under a rock. Ugh.

Andrea said...

Seriously Rachel, you need to do this professionally.

Chaka said...
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Chaka said...

I could sense that this movie was lacking something just from the previews. Thanks for confirming my suspicions before I wasted a netflix selection on it. I also struggle with seeing Jim Halpert anywhere but on The Office. You've got some funny posts.