Monday, February 23, 2009

The Visitor

Movie: The Visitor
Like/Don't Like: I liked it a lot.

I actually watched this movie weeks ago but forgot to post on it. And generally that would mean I would write something like, " was good." Except that I loved it and I remember why I loved it. It was very quiet. And I like quiet movies when they're well written and acted. This one was both. The acting was great, especially Richard Jenkins, who is one of those actors you've seen everywhere but never know his name. He plays an economic professor who finds two illegal immigrants living in his New York City apartment, and because of them he goes from being a lonely widower who barely knows how to live anymore to a man who suddenly has things to care about. He is lovely in it. The whole film is just very subtle and lovely.


Rach said...

My mom brought this movie to watch with me after Tyler was born, and when I'm tired I don't usually do well with depressing. So I asked if it was supposed to be depressing and she said no. So, although it was a lovely movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I lectured my mom about what constitutes a depressing movie so I wouldn't end up in tears again when I am sleep deprived. But yes, quiet and lovely.

Rachel said...

I think I've stopped telling people when a movie is sad because I don't want it to stop them from watching it. I know that if someone had told me this movie was a little sad at the end I probably wouldn't have even put it on my Netflix queue. I thought it was more uplifting than sad. But Rach makes a good point, it may not be good for the sleep deprived with a new born. Which means: Amanda, don't watch this one...yet. Wait a few months.