Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Avocado House

Restaurant: The Avocado House
Location: 11618 Central Ave., Chino, CA 91710
Like/Don't Like: They give you cookies with your yummy sandwich. Like!

Full disclosure: I know the owners. And I knew every single person who was working there. And half the people in the dining area. It was an old Chino Second Ward reunion practically. So the experience of seeing all these people that I've known for my entire life, including friends that I grew up with whom I haven't seen in probably a decade, may have warmed my heart a bit.

But, as the food is the main reason for going to any restaurant, I'm here to tell you that this food is GOOD. I had the Thanksgiving sandwich (turkey, cranberry sauce, lettuce and cream cheese) and it came with a side of fruit, and a cookie and a pumpkin bar. My sisters and mom all had salads that they loved. Everything tastes fresh and homemade. They do breakfast and lunch and have boxed dinners you can pick up. It's located in a converted home so it has a cozy feel to it. There's a fire place and a large porch you can eat out on. It's just a really cute small-towny kind of place with really good food.


Rach said...

I'm hungry now. For the Thanksgiving sandwich. If I ever make it out there, we are going to do a lot of restaurant eating together.

sarahgurl said...

who are the owners??

Mom said...

Hi Sarah! Larry & Shelly Biggs are the owners. You'll have to give it a try when you are in town.
Ginger/otherwise known as MOM.

Stephanie said...

We went to the Avocado House for breakfast the last time I was in town - it was delish! Their breakfast tacos are way good - and they have a cinnamon roll french toast that I would have eaten if it didn't look so darn caloric, even without the caramel/butter sauce that you were supposed to put over it! Yum.