Thursday, November 12, 2009

Srida Thai Cuisine

Restaurant: Srida Thai Cuisine
Location: 924 N. Central Ave.Upland, CA 91786
Like/Don't Like: Loved!

Liz (winner of the second Mr. T bookmark) and I get together for dinner every so often to catch up. It is a gab fest. We are both talkers and we generally end up sitting at our table talking for hours while the staff patiently wait for us to shut up and leave.

So it is high praise that at one point in the meal we were both speechless over how yummy the food was.

I've been wanting to try this place for a while. It's right around the corner from my place and it's in that magical shopping center that has the Bra Lady, the moose lodge, the British Emporium and Jouni's cafe. But I'd been kind of turned off by Thai food thanks to the Doc. Anytime she would take us out to lunch she insisted that we go to this Thai place around the corner from the office. It was disgusting. Everything was greasy and tasted about 3 days old. And they used so much lemon grass that you left feeling like you chugged a gallon of Pine-sol.

But I felt like I could go back to Thai and I've been trying to be a good citizen and spend my money locally so Srida was the winner.

We had the green curry and the Crying Tiger - which is a phenomenal name for a dish, right? What I love about Thai food is that there are so many distinct flavors and when it's good Thai you should be able to get all of them without being over-powered by one. The green curry was perfect. You could taste everything individually but they mixed together so well. And it all tasted fresh. The Crying Tiger was a marinated steak with a spicy sauce you could drizzle over it. I wanted to drink it straight from the bowl.

It was cheap - our dinner with tax was under $20, the service was great and the place was clean and nicely decorated. And I can attest that it all tastes great the next day for lunch.

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Rach said...

Yum. It's so unfair that I can't just swing on over and go there for lunch with you. Next time I'm in California we are going there. And I'm getting that Tiger dish.