Monday, January 11, 2010

Leap Year

Movie: Leap Year
Like/Don't Like: Um...

You know the premise to the movie: Amy Adams wants to propose to her boyfriend and flies to Ireland to do it because in Ireland a woman can propose to man on leap day. I neither liked nor disliked this movie so I'm just going to give you the facts:

1.) Amy Adams has magical hair. On several occasions her character gets doused by rain and mud and her hair still comes out looking like a Pantene ad.
2.) I couldn't completely buy into her character because she didn't bring a single pair of sensible shoes on her trip to Ireland. It's difficult to like a girl who travels across the Irish countryside in 4 inch heels.
3.) Matthew Goode is adorable.
4.) Matthew Goode should always have facial hair.
5.) My obsession with facial hair is reaching epic heights.
6.) I want to go to Ireland.
7.) For a romantic comedy it wasn't very funny.
8.) It had a romantic ending and I'm a sucker for that. Almost as big of a sucker as I am for facial hair.

I was going to give you a rant about how much it annoys me when romantic comedies ask you to believe that two people who have spent the whole movie annoying each other can magically fall in love without actually showing you any reason why they should be, but I realize that that is the nature of the genre and I should stop being a grump.

I'm giving this an "um..." because while I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone I can see myself wasting a few hours on a Saturday afternoon watching in when it inevitably turns up on Lifetime. It could be my new "Lakehouse".


Rach said...

I just saw this one last night, and, since I'd read this already, I couldn't stop thinking about her shoes. And you were right. I kept thinking, "Take your shoes off! If you're going to go traipsing up that hill to a castle, at least take your ridiculous shoes off first!" I agree that the Irish guy is adorable. My favorite parts were him being goofy. I think this one scores a little higher on my movie scale than The Lakehouse, because there isn't any super fake crying that is cringe-worthy. Oh, and did her posh boyfriend remind you of a white version of Carlton? Because I was just waiting for him to bust out the dance.

Anonymous said...

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