Thursday, January 14, 2010

Young at Heart

Documentary: Young at Heart
Like/Don't Like: Pensioners singing Sonic Youth - Love

You MUST see this documentary. Must. Here's why:

1.) There is nothing more wonderful/beautiful/hilarious then a group of old people doing something fun. This documents a singing group called Young at Heart that is made up of elderly folk singing non-standards. You would expect them to sing In the Good Old Summertime or Stardust or something, but they've moved on from those. They sing Golden Years by David Bowie, and I Wanna Be Sedated by the Ramones. Their version of Fix You by Coldplay will have you in tears.

2.) It makes you want to LIVE. It seems like the biggest challenge of the choir is keeping its members alive - the choir director asked who has ever had last rites said for them and more then a few hands shot up - and yet all of these people participate because they love to it. They've hit on the secret of life and if makes you want to join in.

3.) My black grandma is in it. Katie saw it first so when I was watching it she said, "There's a black woman who looks exactly like Grandma Knecht in this" and she was right. I picked her out just from the profile. And then she smiled and she had the gap in her teeth and it was uncanny. Had she been wearing a muumuu and watching the People's Court I would not have been able to tell the difference.


Rach said...

I am definitely adding this one to my queue. I think Grandpa Laycock would have been in that kind of group if there had been one in the Provo senior community. Maybe Grandma Laycock could start one up. She is already the Utah Jazz's Biggest Fan (they're like her children). I can't wait to watch this!

Laura said...

I saw this!!! I read about it somewhere and found it on Netflix several months ago! It WAS wonderful!! It made me smile and laugh and the music, at times, was actually pretty good. Fantastic!