Tuesday, August 16, 2011

True Grit

Movie:  True Grit
Like/Don't Like:  Liked very much

I hesitated watching this movie because I am a delicate flower.  I don't like violence, particularly gun violence, the kind that is often found in westerns.  But several people have said that I could handle it and that I would like it in the end.  I am happy to report that they were right on both counts, although I had to avert my eyes several times.

Thinking back, I really loved everything about it (ok, except for the shooting).  It's definitely a whole package film.  The acting was sensational (I'm a little upset now that Hailee Steinfeld isn't playing Katniss - as originally rumored) the score was perfect, and I loved the stylized dialogue.  Everyone, even the drunks, spoke with crisp drawn out sentences.  No contractions.  It somehow added a sense of importance to the story.  As soon as it was over I wanted to watch it again. 


Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

This is like Ned's FAVORITE movie. We already own it! He loves it!

Rach said...

The jury has been out for me for a while on this one. I need to see it again to decide how I feel. I really liked the girl. She's fantastic. And who doesn't love Jeff Bridges? I just need to see it again.

manthy said...

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