Friday, September 2, 2011

The Help

Movie:  The Help
Like/Don't Like:  As with the book - Liked (ish)

I completely forgot that I saw this movie last week (which, I suppose isn't much of a recommendation).  I felt about it pretty much the same way as I did about the book - it could have been cut down.  And it solidified a feeling I had about the book that I didn't recognize when I read it - it could have gone deeper.  Maybe I would have been fine with the length if hadn't painted everyone so ... (oh, heavens, I just about typed "black and white." how about...) one dimensional.  This is such a complex issue and everyone seemed to be clearly on one side of the fence or the other.  It could have used a little depth.

But that being said, it was still a decent film.  I laughed, I cried (because when don't I cry, and also, racism - gar!  It makes me want to spit.)  There were some legitimate moments in it that made it worthwhile.


Valerie said...

A friend called this The Blind Side II.

Rach said...

I loved the book, partly because I could hear the women so well in my head, having lived in Mississippi. I haven't seen the movie yet, which I'll end up seeing in a few months on DVD, but I've heard it glosses over a few things that don't get glossed over in the book. And I liked that the book didn't get quite so heavy, because there is so much heavy material on the subject out there. I felt like the book addressed the issue without pounding me over the head. I'm interested to see what the movie's like.