Thursday, January 5, 2012

Captain America

Movie:  Captain America
Like/Don't Like:  Liked.  Truly.

This is the kind of action movie I can get behind - the kind where the weapons vaporize people instead of leaving bloody messes all over the place.  That way, I can imagine them being transported into a field of daisies and ice cream trucks.

Anyway, I actually did like it for more than just that.  There were some funny bits and the action wasn't too gratuitous (I get so bored with things blowing up) and it was packed with great actors (I love both Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones) and surprise cameos like that one guy who played Henry Tilney in that one version of Northanger Abbey I like, and that other guy who plays Willoughby in that one version of Sense & Sensibility that I like, and "IS THAT RICHARD ARMITAGE!!!???"  Which is what Katie shouted while I was busy looking down at my knitting and I had to rewind to verify.  Yes it was.  In a suit with retro glasses.  Sigh. 

The ending leaves a little to be desired because they're setting up for the Avengers, which I'm surprisingly looking forward to.  But it was action packed and fun to watch.  And all those people who were vaporized are now enjoying a refreshing Choco Taco in that field of daisies.


Rach said...

I liked it, too, and YAY for RICHARD ARMITAGE!!! It was fun.

colleeeen said...

Did you know that Richard is my current TV boyfriend? Dreamy.

Kal said...

I really liked captain america. At first, I was skeptical to see a movie about a hero who's power was only strength. In the end, I enjoyed it and thought it was a good movie.

teresa p said...

Great, now I want a choco taco.