Monday, January 9, 2012

Super 8

Movie:  Super 8
Like/Don't Like:  Like - despite all the times I had to a cover my eyes

How did I not know that this is a scary alien movie?  I'm usually really up on these sorts of things, but I started watching this and was all, "Oh, early teen boys are so hilarious.  Elle Fanning has princess hair," which then turned to, "EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!  Scary alien!!!!!!"  You all know what a delicate flower I am when it comes to scary things like aliens and guns and explosions.  I was tense through the last hour of the movie.

But it was still a really cool flick.  And I give that all to the kids.  Movie aliens have no problem eating adults.  But kids are generally safe in a PG-13 film.  I felt confident that none of them would have their guts sucked out.  Plus, I meant it about teen boys.  They're a riot.  It was a nice story with funny characters and cool effects.  It felt exactly like what a JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg movie should be.  Complete with too many lens flares (oh, JJ Abrams, enough! with those lens flares.  I nearly had an epileptic fit during Star Trek.)  And it had heart.  I liked that the alien other reasons for being so destructive other than just wanting to destroy Earth.  I suppose I'm grateful I didn't know it would freak me out so much because I never would have watched it.


Rach said...

I forgot that I wanted to see that movie. I guess it will go on my massive list of things I never made it to see in the theater but will redbox later. Rachel, how I wish you could come to girls' night here and watch Vampire Diaries with us. Some of us (not me--I'm callous and cold) keep a blanket close by to cover their eyes. They would sure love company. Plus I just want you there.

teresa p said...

Warning, random story ahead.

I saw this movie with my dad and a couple of uncles to kill time between my cousin's morning sealing and evening reception. We had no idea what it was about, only that it was the only non-rated R movie out that we knew wasn't a chick or kid flick. My mom stayed in the car in the parking lot and read a book, not trusting the guys to pick a movie she'd like. We all loved it (except for the language), but I was 6 months pregnant and Wyatt FREAKED OUT pretty much the entire movie. My memory of how that prize fight in my belly felt is almost more vivid than my labor memories.

See, totally random :)