Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pho Century

Restaurant:  Pho Century
Location: 1244 W. Foothill, Upland
Like/Don't Like:  Yeah, I liked it.

Restaurant Club went Vietnamese tonight and it was pretty tasty.  It was just me and Katie so we didn't get to sample as much stuff as I would have liked - and there was a lot to sample from the looks of the menu - but what we had was tasty and the service was great.

K had a steak stir fry that was pretty ordinary except for the garlic butter sauce they fried it in, which was heavenly.  And I had the coconut curry soup with chicken and rice noodles.  The broth was killer and the noodles were great.  I always forget that I don't really like meat in my soup because it is almost always over cooked.  This was the case tonight but everything else was so good that I just ate around it. We also tried the cream cheese wontons and an avocado shake, both were great.

The gal who served us was super helpful and explained everything on the menu.  And the place was hopping, which is a good sign.

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