Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Starter for 10

Movie: Starter for 10
Like/Don't Like: Like

Ever since Cynde saw Becoming Jane she's been slightly obsessed with James McAvoy. And rightly so. He's adorable. The type of fellow you want to follow you around and feed you cookies. Because of this she's been recommending Starter for 10 to me for a month now.

As usual, she was right. It was a very charming film.

It fits into that wonderful category of British Cute. You know, along with Dear Frankie, Kinky Boots, Millions (I was mesmerized by that child's freckles. They were so big. I wanted to name them.) British Cute movies usually follow the same pattern: grey sky, dreary town, awkward- cute moment, quirky neighbor/flat-mate/pal, reference to Margaret Thatcher, another awkward-cute moment, fish 'n chips shop, crisis, crisis resolved, awkward-cute ending. (Side note: I've never liked the way awkward was spelled. It's the "wkw" in it. Very...um...awkward.) What distinguished this one from the others is the rockin' sound track. The Cure, The Smiths, etc. It made me want to wear Docs and write bad poetry. It would have made me want to listen to Kevin and Bean on KROQ. Except that I still do that every morning. Although now instead of the Cure they play way too much Snow Patrol, which means I no longer listen to the music part of KROQ.

There was a guy in the movie whom I recognized but couldn't remember from where so I went onto IMDb and found out that his name is Benedict Cumberbatch (Amazing Grace. That's where I saw him. That movie with Horatio Hornblower about slavery in England.) Could there be any greater British name than Benedict Cumberbatch. I don't think so. It's sounds like he should be a friend of Bertie Wooster's. All "I say!" and "What utter rot!" and "Be a good man and lend me a fiver?"

Oh, right, back to the movie. Yes, I liked it. You should give it a try.


bean said...

uh...rachel, i have not heard a snow patrol song on our show in at least six months!

but thanks for the shout-out!

bean :)

Laura said...

I think "Benedict Cumberbatch" is going to be my new expressive statement - like "For Pete's Sake" or "Sweet Land of Liberty" or "Knights of Columbus". Doesn't it fit right in?

Rachel said...

Laura, I had the same idea. "Benedict Cumberbatch! Those tomatoes are huge!" Yep, it sounds good.

And for reals? Bean? Awesome. I have a few requests. 1.) Your obsession with Zac Ephron creeps me out and I wish you would stop mentioning him. 2.) There have been several times where I've had to change the station because your breathing was so loud. Could you tone it down please.

Heather said...

WOW! Rachel--I didnt realize you and the Bean were such good friends. I hope he likes you enough to take your advice. ...See if you can get us some free stuff...