Monday, December 29, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Movie: Kung Fu Panda
Like/Don't Like: I laughed out loud a few times

I kind of feel like I'm the last person on the planet to see this movie so it seems a little ridiculous that I'm even reviewing it. But indulge me here, okay?

Jack Black made this movie. There were some pretty hilarious moments but I'm pretty sure that if it wasn't Jack Black reading the lines, they would have all flopped. So let us rejoice that he was in it. I had a good laugh from it. The animation was pretty cool too.

I have one complaint. There was too much slow motion. For me. Which is to say that everyone I've mentioned this to didn't notice it. But every fight sequence had a substantial amount of slo-mo and it was getting on my nerves. And now the next time you watch it you will notice it and then we can all sign petitions to Hollywood asking them to reign it in a little.

But other than that it was a great.


Rach said...

You know we are sister minds when it comes to watching movies. I also noticed the slo-mo. Watching the movie with a three-year-old makes it much more entertaining. Jacob's little giggles really added to the slo-mo shot of Po's butt landing on the baddy's head. And you're right about Jack Black. He was the only one that could pull that movie off. The first time we watched it (we have now seen it 14 times, thanks to the kid), we played Guess the Famous Actor's voice. The only ones I got right were Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman. Thank goodness for imdb.

Chaka said...

I agree with you that Jack Black was the best thing in this movie. I'm not a slow-mo advocate but I think they went heavy on it in honor of the genre. Many of the matial arts movies do the same thing. Although it's cooler to watch Jackie Chan's stunts in slow motion than a cartoon that someone drew.

themayerfamily said...

Feel the same about he slo-mo. I thought it was a bit much on the action for little kids.