Monday, December 29, 2008

Monopoly - the Card Game

Game: Monopoly - the Card Game!
Like/Don't Like: So much more than the board game

I hate Monopoly. About once a year I think that maybe I can be grown up about it and play and then I remember, almost instantly, how much I don't like playing. This is because I grew up playing with my dad, the Hotel Tycoon. I don't mind losing games. In fact, if you play any game against my dad or Katie or Camille, you end up losing. So I'm use to it. But losing Monopoly makes me feel bankrupt inside. I get to a point in the game, about the time that Dad has three whole sides of the board covered in hotels, that I just want to hand over all of my properties and cash and head to debtors prison.

So you can imagine that I wasn't too keen on playing any other form of Monopoly. I was afraid it would be an even meaner form of the game. Like an evil twin brother. But it was so much better. Like a fun and sassy aunt. There's no board or dice or tokens, just the cards. And instead of having to give money away, you just collect it. It's the same concept as Bad Monopoly in that you try to collect matching properties, but then you get cash based on which properties you have at the end of a round. Plus, it's quicker and you don't end the game feeling like a penniless loser. Bonus!


Patti said...

I'm finally coming out of the blog-stalking closet to comment (since you probably don't have a clue who I am... I'm Sam's mom and Holly's mom-in-law). Just gotta say that your blogs are the best ones out there. They are so funny. We are the same in SO many ways (right down to the cucumbers). You can't get me to play Monopoly for any reason, ever! Makes me curious about the card game though.
P.S. Tell your dad I'm voting for him to be the new apostle. Nobody listened to my vote on the last two open spots, so I'm really rooting for him to get it this time around.

Rach said...

Good to know! We have Lord of the Rings Monopoly, which I bought, thinking that if the names of the places are different, maybe it would be more fun. Oh no. Tim owning all of Mordor plus Minas Tirith is just as depressing. So I will have to try the card game. I love that you're reviewing games, because I love to play, and hearing new ones is always nice.

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