Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Movie:  Tangled
Like/Don't Like:  Cute.  And clever in some parts.

I went with the Blessed Nephews to see this so I was distracted by their cuteness through a lot of it.  But this was a pretty good flick.  I didn't know it was Mandy Moore doing the voice of Rapunzel until the credits, which was a blessing because I normally find her to be really annoying.  But if that was her doing the singing, she has lovely voice.  The story was clever and a few of the songs were pretty funny.  It had some of the old school Disney charm, which I appreciate.

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Erika said...

I love the idea of your blog. I have been putting reviews of the books I read on mine but no one seems to care for them. However, I feel that if I don't write it down I will forget the next day.

Oh, and thanks for this movie review. I might take my girls to see it soon, if I'm not too late. I like that it has the old Disney charm!