Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Movie:  The Adjustment Bureau
Like/Don't Like:  Liked

This had all the right elements - an interesting story, good acting (I like that Emily Blunt.  I think she has spunk.), and a fast pace without being too fast that it confuses you.

Matt Damon plays a political hopeful who's life takes a turn he did not expect.  He later finds out the source of that unexpected turn in the form of men in suits and fedoras who call themselves the Adjustment Bureau.  They've been making slight alterations to his life course and he's fighting against it in order to stay with Emily Blunt.  It was way more romantic than I expected (I was anticipating a straight action flick), but when do I complain about romance?  I thought it was sweet.

Now lets, just for a moment, give three cheers for suits and fedoras!  I'm going to sound 80 here but don't you wish men wore suits more often?  They just look so sharp.  And you cannot go wrong with a gray fedora.  It's a class act all the way.

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Rach said...

I'm always happy when a Matt Damon movie succeeds. He's one of my faves. And I like Emily Blunt, too, for the same reason as you--spunk. As for the suit issue, I totally agree. I know suits come in all colors, but my favorite is a well-fitted black suit.